The dehumidifier, with multi-purpose features make you a better life,such as dehumidify your air,purify and sterilize your room air.ensure you a fresh air.

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Just need a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is just a machine that  for removing moisture from the air, as for lowering the humidity in a storage room.and some with function of purify the surrounding area.and kill the bacteria  as a sterilizer.

room dehumidifier

How does a dehumidifier works?

The process works as follows: A fan in the unit pulls in air from the surrounding area, which typically has high moisture levels. When air passes through the dehumidifier, it touches the cooling coils, which in turn pull moisture from the air by lowering the temperature.




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room dehumidifier

DSCSJ-1618B/1611A dehumidifier

Water full alarm and auto shut-off,Adjustable fan speed(High or low),Timing off function up to 24 hours.More…

small home dehumidifier

DSCSJ-320A dehumidifier

Water full alarm indicator and auto shut-off,killing bacteria to make the air fresh and healthy,for car&home portable use. More..

DSCSJ-180A dehumidifier

Water full alarm and auto shut-off,Timing off function up to 24hrs,With remote control,Power off memory function. More…